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Guatemala In Pictures

Below there are some comments left on my e-mail.  Thanks to all those who have left your observations and / or words of encouragement here.

Date: Oct 21, 2003

From: Julia Falla,

 Dear Mr. Velarde:

 I’m a San Carlos University student working on an advertising campaign for Guatemala City´s City Hall.

I was browsing your web page and found interesting picture I could use for the different newspaper ads

I´m working on.  (Excellent pictures, by the way!)  Thus, I would greatly appreciate your letting me know

what the consent process is so that I could make use of some of your pictures.

Thanking your comments,

I remain

 Yours truly,

Nacny Quixtan

P.S.  Please forward your reply to:

Date: Oct 21, 2003-10-22

From: June Ralph,


Subject: Thanks for all your help

I love your website. It is great, it really helped me on my Spanish report.  My teacher was very pleased with the pictures I had gotten from your site.  I told a few of my friend’s to use your site it they needed to.  Thanks for your help!

Sincerely, Bianca

Date: Sept 22, 2003


Congratulations on this wonderful album.

Grettings from Slovenia.  Stanko

Date: September 15, 2003

From: Mary-Beth,

Hi..My 10th grade daughter is doing a report on Guatemala and I would like to use your pictures.

Please let me know if it is alright for her to use them



August 1, 2003

HI Bernie,

 Just wanted to drop you a short note of thanks.  I have recently met someone from Guatemala City and decided to look online for something to help me get to know her better, and your site is the best thing out there.  It is has the most stunning pictures and is also educational.  I am from Australia but living in Austin, Texas.  It may be because I have lived in many places, or maybe because I have a genuine interest in people  I make friends with but I always try to find out more about where they are from I wish there were more sites like  yours!
Never stop taking photographs!!
thanks again
Kathleen Prosise,

July 29, 2003

From:  Carmen Gonzalez,


Subject: Genial!!!!!!

Te felicito!!!! No sabia que eras tan bueno para diseñar paginas WEB, vendesela al INGUAT.  Gracias por compartirla conmigo sin duda me va a servir mucho.

Carmen Aida Gonzalez
Regional Environmental Specialist
Phone: (502) 332-0202

15 Jun 2003

 Estimado señor.

He visto sus fotos en la Web y me parecieron excelentes.  Resido en Costa Rica. Soy pintor artístico y quisiera poder
utilizar algunas de sus fotos como motivos para mis obras. Le agradecería me indicara cuales son sus condiciones
para permitirme su uso.

Saludos cordiales. Víctor López Baylon

May 12, 2003

Hi Bernie,
Just ran across your web site, I found it very interesting about the coffee process. I've read about it but never really seen it until your pictures anyway  keep up the good work. I was hoping I could use one picture of the cherries for my presentation? Let me know if that is ok.
Eric Chaves,

May 8, 2003

I think you made an awesome work!!  I'm so happy to see that somebody took the time to take pictures of our city, and show how beautiful my country is.   People need to know that we have a city, that we have buildings, that we have as much as other countries do.  So I thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing this.  Paola Rodas,

May 5, 2003, Hi, Bernie -- My name is Vicki.  I'm volunteering at a Christian 

organization in Guatemala City, and I'm trying to put together some publicity material for them.  I just saw your pictures -- THEY'RE GREAT!! Would it be possible to use a couple of them?  I would put them in brochures I am creating to promote the schools and medical clinics.  We are not selling anything.  If I can use them, do I need to give you the credit?  How would I do that?  Please help!  I'd love to be able to use some.  Let me know what I need to do. Thanks!  Vicki,

April 21, 2003

Mr. Velarde,

My name is Carol Estrada. I live in El Paso Texas.  I am a junior in the University of Texas at El Paso.  I am originally from Guatemala.  I found these amazing pictures posted on your website.  I am currently working on a web page project for one of my technology classes, and I want to show pictures of Guatemala City. Can I use your pictures?  If so, please let me know.  I will make sure you get the credit for the pictures.


Carol Estrada-Carrera

February 27, 2003, Hi!! How're you, Just I wanted say to you that i like very much your website. I like to see very close these picture and I would remember those days I have been in Guatemala. I'm very proud of you to show this page to everyone with different culture.
I hope that you can read this massage and write me back. Take care yourself,

March 16, 2003, Are these from a personal collection?  Very nice job.


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Date: Feb 27, 2003



Subject: Hello

Hi!! How’re you, I just wanted say to you that I like very much your website.  I like to see very close these picture and I would remember those days I have been in Guatemala.  I’m very proud of you to show this page to everyone with different culture.  I hope that you can read this message and write me back Take car yourself.

Feb 2, 2003, Nice to meet you, my name is Mel sinderman, I am an old PCV from the 1980's.  My wife and myself worked in Chiquimula, Guatemala, then later in Belize.  I saw your pics on webshots, they were awesome man.  My website is, take care, y con mucho gusto patojo, Mel…………

Hola Bernie! paisano!
Me llamo Sandra, yo soy de Guate (Mazate).  Buscando por ciertos periódicos de Guate, vi tu
website.  Me fascinó.  Quiero agradecerte por las fotos tan lindas; ahora puedo enseñarselas
a mis alumnos de español y también a todas aquellas personas interesadas en viajar a Guate.
Gracias, y quisiera  preguntarte si puedo reproducir algunas.  Chao, hasta luego, Sandra.
Sandra Mueller, 31 Oct 2002,

October 9, 2002: Hello my name its Leonel Díaz i'm a newsreporter from Guatemala, I saw your pictures at your webpage, and they´re great, congratulations. Right now im working in a newspaper called Diario de Centro América and we are making a report over Sepalau lagoons, but we are out of pictures, so yours are real good and i want your consent to publish them. I hope that you get this message today 9-10-2002 because tomorrow it would be to late, anyway thanks for your attention and keep up your nice page. Leonel Díaz,

Sep 27, 2002

From: Manuel Alvarado,

Subject: Great Pictures!

I just spend a nice couple of hours admiring all your Guatemala pictures! As  a native Guatemalan who has been living in the US for over 20 years, I must  say that you are a great photographer and brought back some great memories.   Your work is to be commended. Thanks for the memories!  
Manuel Alvarado

Estimado Velarde: Quiero felicitarte por todas las fotos de mi bella Guatemala, de verdad que tienen una calidad extraordinaria. Yo las uso como protector de pantalla del webshots y me deleito viendolas. Saludos Rodrigo Quezada Fabrigas División Médica Telefono (502) 334-0922

Hi B. Velarde, I'm living in Nebaj since 1987 and I've seen a lot of pictures taken by visitors, these are the best. It's too bad the lake dried out severely this summer. Anyway, the rainy season is about to start again... I made a webpage about the Ixil region, you might know about it:, and I'd like to know if you would agree to include some of your pictures in it. Do you have photoshop or other formats of those than jpg? Thanksfully, Pascal Huwart Solidaridad Internacional Nebaj 

Beautiful album! i really enjoy them, thanks for show me, it must be great to stay there. I send grettings from switzerland / europe, have a good time!

 Orchid Page: only one word: WONDERFUL !! Grace

Beautiful album! i really enjoy them, thanks for show me, it must be great to stay there. I send grettings from switzerland / europe, have a good time!

Very nice pictures. Congratulations. wigen999

Congratulations on your featured album Beautiful Pictures!!!!Thanks for sharing them.... Please check out my albums here in webshots under Smorgano57 and Smorgano1.....Thanks have a great day,

For Quirigua: Mariquita wrote: oooooh, what nice beautiful green grass! These are veyr pretty - I hope to visit Guatemala next year, so I enjoyed this. greetings from California... /user/griegfan

 Barblanger wrote;Lake in Nebaj....Fabulous :) 

For Nebaj: agustinguti13 , amandagarbar,sanztineo wrote: El mejor album con mucho. gran contraste y mejor composition. great album. marvelous the fisrst pic. also alre great Kids in Nebaj.The road to acul. a big 10. have a nice day from Edmonton at minus 39 with the wind factor.agus.amanda.ana

Congratulations on your featured album! The photos are great. Thanks for sharing!

PWheaton wrote: We are planning a trip to Guatemala in 2003. Thanks for the preview.

What a fascinating place the Quirigua Archaeological Park is. I like the stelae and zoomorphs. The Ball Court is beautiful (I wish my grass looked like that!). A little croquet or bocce ball, anyone? Monkeypuzzle7

March 20, 2002 at 2:27 am for Guatemala In Pictures 24, aresconde wrote:
A Great Album!
Enhorabuena por ser publicado hoy como especial. Muy buenas fotos! Le invito a visitar las mías en: y en

 Horacio Arevalo - wrote:BRAVO . .regards! .Horacio

Paulo Henrique Lopes Rodrigues wrote:  VERY GOOD PHOTOS! Some of them are GREAT to the Windows Desktop Wallpaper! Take a look at mines too:

Guatemala In Pictures